The quality of a fabric is determined by the yarn which is used to produce it. Top quality natural and/or artificial fibers are the basics of high-quality yarn which subsequently produce superior quality fabric in terms of hand-feel, appearance and durability.

We, at Emerald Textiles, with a long and hard-earned reputation are masters at using the best-quality fiber of Cotton, Polycotton, Polyester and Danier.

We specialize in supplying fabrics with special finishes techniques to regale the demands of the customers around the globe. We also produce Stain-Resistant, Wrinkle-Resistant and Tear-Resistant Fabrics. We proudly supply permanent press techniques to increase strength of the fabric and make it wrinkle-free and crease-resistant as well.

Emerald Textiles possesses the best available modern dyeing and printed equipment alongside processes which enables us to meet the demands of our valued clients.

We are at our best. We can deliver textile solutions at the most competitive prices for best quality fabrics.